The Crypto World Olympics

No, it’s not the Super Bowl, or the World Cup, or even Wimbledon. But Bitcoin’s Halving has moved thousands of people around the world. Who are keeping an eye on the latest developments as we reach the 630,000th block. This has prompted even the Director of Binance in the United States to compare Halving to the Olympic Games.

Halving Bitcoin: The most outstanding news of the last 24 hours

How far crypto world has come
It seems hard to imagine that only twelve years ago Bitcoin was born. The first crypto currency in history, around which, over time, the crypto community has been built. A group of millions of people around the world, connected by a passion for Blockchain technology and cryptoactives.

Today, the crypto world cannot be ignored by anyone. So there is no government, company or organization around the planet, that does not understand even superficially the value of blockchains. And the opportunities they bring to the most diverse sectors.

With hundreds of crypto currencies available, providing dozens of different capabilities to users. The effect Bitcoin has had on our world has been radical. So it should come as no surprise that the third Bitcoin Halving, now underway, will stir up as much passion as a major sporting event.

Why is Halving so important? Answer in the words of Changpeng Zhao
Halving de Bitcoin or the Olympics?

At least that was the comparison made by Catherine Coley, Director of Binance in the United States, and first guest of the Bitcoin Halving Party. The live broadcast made by the world’s first crypto coin exchange, via YouTube.

During the transmission and before the question „What is the importance of Halving“, Coley does not hesitate for a second to answer:

„I think it’s like the Olympics. So far it’s happened every four years, and the whole world is paying attention. The only difference is that in the Olympics you have to be in the top of the world to participate, whereas in crypto, and especially in Bitcoin, anyone can participate.

Of course, the comparison has its limits. For shortly after Coley, along with Changpeng Zhao, was asked if they thought Bitcoin’s fourth Halving (expected in 2024) would be as big as the Super Bowl or the Champions, Binance’s CEO responded:

„I think it will take a little more than four years to get to the level of the Super Bowl. Currently only 1% of the population is in the crypto world (…) I don’t think it will happen in the next four years, although it is possible, but it is a pretty big goal“.

Still, if anything is clear from the way this third

has been handled It’s the increased mass and interest of the population around cryptoactives like Bitcoin. In many cases, this is at the level of any football fan today.

So, if you don’t have the size of this event yet, we can consider the Bitcoin Halving as the Crypto World Olympics.