Join the Battle in Market Fight Club’s Next-Gen Virtual Arena!

• Market Fight Club has launched two NFT collections as the game enters its final development phase.
• Once users have minted their NFTs, they can use them strategically in the MFC game and get access to the entire MFC ecosystem.
• Players can customize their own unique avatar with upgrades purchased from the MFC Market, with each player having a unique content ID that is generated through the NFT minting process.

Market Fight Club Launches Two Initial NFT Collections

Market Fight Club (MFC) has released two initial non-fungible token (NFT) collections as part of its final development phase before its game launch later this year. These collectibles feature characters such as MFC Hamster and MFC Bull which will be used strategically within the game. The full rollout of the universe will also feature an MFC marketplace where users can purchase, trade and build their collection of these gaming assets.

Access to Entire MFC Ecosystem for Minting Users

Those who successfully mint an NFT will gain full access to the entire MFC ecosystem, offering incredible adventure, wealth and glory to those brave enough to participate! The battles fought in augmented reality promise generous rewards for victorious fighters and those who achieve other objectives in the Arena. Additionally, players have full ownership of their digital assets similar to using physical trading cards or collectibles. Each collection consists of 10,000 assets which are all highly valued within the community but can also be traded on any widely renowned NFT marketplaces for even more liquidity.

Customization Options for Avatars

Players have multiple options when it comes to customizing their avatars with upgrades purchased from the Marketplace including clothing pieces, hairstyles, hats and sunglasses amongst other items – all helping make every player’s avatar unique through a content ID generated by the NFT minting process.

High Demand & Liquidity on Marketplace

The MFC Marketplace boasts high demand & liquidity compared to other popular trading platforms – allowing players to maximize profits on their trades while keeping up with ongoing trends within this fast-paced industry.

Prizes & Upgrades Available For Conquerors!
For successful competitors there are plenty of prizes & upgrades available throughout various stages of combat – making sure that every battle counts towards greater rewards! With a player-owned economy & no boundaries when it comes to trading your collections outside of the platform – being a conqueror has never been easier!