How to Measure the Effectiveness of a Press Release Service?

With a lot of choices in the PR marketplace, it is really hard to decide which press release service you want to collaborate with. You may be torn between what you want to achieve and what these companies offer.

press release distribution

It’s important that you consider different elements before making a decision. Answer these questions that can guide you in picking the right press release distribution company:

  • Define your needs before agreeing with any online distribution company.
  • What type of outcome you want to attain? Do you want to promote brand awareness, increase leads, better sales or to get media coverage?
  • How are you going to determine the success of the campaign. Check which analytics the company can provide.
  • Avail the features that are important to your brand. You can’t just get other features just because the company recommended you.
  • Assess your target audience.

5 Elements that are important in measuring the effectiveness of your press release:

  1. The amount of media coverage.

Top-tier press release service distribution companies, such as Newswire, Business Wire and PR Newswire provide their clients with reports that list the sites that picked up their releases.  Before agreeing to get the service of a distribution company, ensure that they can provide a report that will allow you to know how far your story has reached.

Was your release published? What local or national media outlets or journalists? Did you get any media coverage?

It’s important that you know which sites, journalists or news outlets covered your story. To analyze how effective your release is, you need to go back to your goals. If you’re not meeting your desired media pickups, you should assess if you’re investing in the right company.

Did you meet your goals? Check data, reports, stats and graphs that the online distribution site offers.

  1. Search traffic.

One important key performance indicator (KPI) that you need to consider is the referral traffic from the newswire site. Did it bring traffic to your website or blog during the campaign? A report about where your releases are republished is one way you can track the traffic that you have gained through the distribution.  If you are using different online press release sites, you may record the outcome of each campaign by assessing the traffic they contributed.

  1. Improved ROI.

Although there are a  number of elements that affect the outcome of your press release distribution, you should know how the media pickups have converted to new leads, dollars or brand awareness.

Some factors that you need to check to determine if you have a good ROI are:

  • New leads
  • New referral links
  • New social media followers
  • Improved organic website traffic
  1. Conversions, mentions and brand awareness.

An effective distribution campaign can’t be measured only through the number of media pickups. There are a number of ways that can tell how effective it is.

The number of followers/ friends: The number of Facebook friends and Twitter followers have increased after the release.

Conversions: If you want to know if there is an improvement in the number of RSS subscribers, you may track it through BLoglines or Google Reader.

Brand awareness: It is the number of searches for your brand that can be measured before and after the campaign through Google Trends.

Mentions: You may receive a report from the press release distribution site that summarizes the number of mentions that your company received during and after the campaign. They may monitor social media mentions and content resonance, including shared content and retweets.

  1. Click-throughs.

Although you may have achieved improved “reads,” it’s not an enough measurement to say that your campaign has succeed.  How many have developed an engagement with your brand since the start of your release?

Were you successful in driving more sales, improving your leads, or did your target audience showed interest and engaged with your call-to-action? You should receive a report from your partnered online distribution company the details about how many times the links in your release were clicked.

Knowing these significant key metrics in measuring the effectiveness of your release can help you develop a more effective campaign. You also learn better ways to plan for your next release distribution campaign.